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Spacesinus Pro - An Endless Journey Report

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Spacesinus Pro - An Endless Journey

Stay alive as long as possible!! spacesinus pro is an addictive survival game where your goal is to fight yourself through countless number of waves and score as much points as possible. control your ship through the huge and wide space and avoid incoming enemy ships as they approach and try to disturb your journey. but be careful as with each new wave the number of enemies will grow and they become faster. collect different bonuses with different effect. score points for moving around a lot, destroying enemy ships or reaching higher waves. climb the game center online leaderboards and prove yourself as the longest survivor!! good luck! the rules: 1. avoid red enemy ships. 2. touch other color ships for various bonuses (including negative effects). 3. use bonuses to destroy enemy ships. 4. score extra points by moving around a lot. 5. survive as long as possible. sounds simple, huh? then try it out by yourself… spacesinus pro features: -universal app, designed for every ios device, -game center support with online leaderboards, -4 game modes -accelerometer support to control your ship -play together with your friend or family member -5 bonus points (including negative effects), -twitter integration, -realistic space scenes, -nice graphics and sound effects, -beautiful special effects, -addictive. check out the trailer here: http://youtu.be/p9fuql2_xfy?hd=1

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