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Bubble Crusher Hd Report

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Bubble Crusher Hd

★ bubble crusher was top 10 overall free app in 17 countries (07-31-11), thank you! ★ ★ bubble crusher hd is the most thrilling bubble popping game. pop, pop, pop those bubbles! bubble crusher hd is an extremely fun bubble popping game that requires you to be quick. pop the bubble, but don't pop them twice! there is a simple fun elements with the different twists and challenges that is bound to make you laugh and enjoy. bubble crusher hd is ideal to play when you have a few minutes and want a quick break during the day. the game currently offer two exciting game modes, with more game modes coming soon! ▲ classic mode: stay focused since you have two minutes to play and beat all the levels. you have to be focused in the early rounds and complete them so that you have more time at the end. it's challenging, fun, and will provide hours of fun. the objective is to find the hidden key in each level while avoiding the dreaded skull. ▲ zen mode: allows you to pop as many bubbles as you can to earn points in 2 minutes, while avoiding the dreaded skull. plus get bonus seconds and points by finding the key and popping certain bubbles. you have to be quick, since the bubbles will refill. ▲ dual mode - new two players can now play against each other on one device! ★ features: ✓ beautiful graphics ✓ amazing sound effects ✓ game center leaderboards support ✓ multiple level modes for endless play *********************** be sure to check out our other apps by searching in the app store: * finger slayer * finger slayer wild *********************** your 5 star & reviews will keep the apps coming!

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