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My New Baby 3 - Princess Babies! Report

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My New Baby 3 - Princess Babies!

A brand new baby has been born! are you ready to take care of the pregnant mommy and her kids once they're born? this mommy's got a surprise in store: her kids are all princesses! live in the castle as you play mommy to new born baby princesses. the royal kids need a lot of love and attention if they're going to grow up big and strong. keep them healthy by playing mommy, feeding them, bathing them, and dressing them in cute clothes fit for royal kids in the castle. these babies may be new borns, but that just means they need your help even more than the other kids! taking care of a pregnant mommy in a castle is a lot of work. she needs to relax so her baby is born happy and healthy. make sure the pregnant mommy has everything she needs, including food and other treats. she won't stay pregnant for long, as that new princess baby is due any day. the castle is in an uproar with all the excitement! your first step as a virtual mommy is to feed the kids nutritious food. when their tummies are full, make sure they take a bath and scrub away all of the dirt. kids love playing in the mud, especially royal kids in the castle! after they're scrubbed clean, it's time to play dress up. give each baby a fun, cute or crazy outfit by choosing from dresses, jewelry, accessories and much more. a happy and healthy baby is a beautiful baby, so don't let these royal kids down, mommy! features: - take care of a pregnant mommy and her new born princess kids. - dress the babies in costumes, fun clothes and cute outfits. - these aren't ordinary babies, they're princess babies. take extra special care of them! how to play: - use the touch screen to interact with the baby. - add clothes, makeup, accessories with the touch screen. - don't forget to feed and bathe your baby! download now for free! —————————————- join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/crazy-kids-games-inc/545284352284786 follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/crazykidsgameknow more about crazy kids games at our official website: http://www.crazykidsmedia.com/

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