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Speedy Pigs - High Speed Warning! Report

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Speedy Pigs - High Speed Warning!

✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭ merry christmas! enjoy speedy pig for the holiday! ✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭✩✭ warning - stop playing if your heart beat is running too fast! (this app contains the same content as speedy pigs warm up! + high speed pack) ════════════════════════ run! on fire! hit! combo! addicted! ════════════════════════ ─────────────────────── one of the fastest running game on iphone! ─────────────────────── play "normal" mode to warm up slowly, and then go with "extreme" mode to run extremely fast and get high scores! ───────────────── short loading time, play instantly! ───────────────── take out from pocket and play instantly! ──────────────── keep playing to unlock secrets! ──────────────── every time you play and hit obstacles to collect "hits". collect enough hits to unlock funny characters and special power-up items! power-up items help you hits more and get higher scores! ────── how to play ────── 1. the pig is non-stop running, faster and faster! 2. tilt to move left and right! 3. don't crash! run as far as you can! 4. collect fire-up items, make you on fire! 5. sweep obstacles to score! 6. keep hitting obstacles to make combo bonus! 7. collecting fire-up items before burnout! 8. the longer you run, the higher score you gain! ──── features ──── - unlockable characters! - unlockable items, assist you getting high scores! - unlockable scenes! - 3 different speed - normal, speedy, extreme! - rhythmic music and sound effects, quicken your heart beat! - short loading time, play instantly! - openfeint global leader board - show off records to your friends by twitter and facebook ──────── trailer video ──────── http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irvm4spuijm ───── follow us ───── http://twitter.com/7thplayground http://www.7thplayground.com

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