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Spider Prank Lite Report

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Spider Prank Lite

It crawls! it hisses! it attacks! terrify friends with a life-like/realistic 3d spider and fly! trailer: http://www.sebastiansgames.com/spiderprank.html set the timer, hand over your phone, and watch your pals jump when a realistic-looking spider crawls into view!!! prank your arachnophobic friends! bonus fly option! make them curious with a buzzing fly before the spider jumps out and attacks! unlock additional realistic spider species!! • house spider (comes free with spider prank lite) • black widow • tarantula • wolf spider • brown recluse multiple spiders at once! mix and match them! premium version also available! get access to all spider species for one low price. spider prank features: • scary 3d realism • terrifying sound effects • responds to gravity! • drag, tap, and shake the spider • multiple spiders at once! • use your own photos as backgrounds!!! brand new features: you asked, we listened!!! • change the size of your spiders and fly to fit your preferences! make them tiny or giant!! • realistic sound mode!!! • bug fixes! thank you for supporting an indie developer!! visit http://www.sebastiansgames.com to learn more and make suggestions!!! this developer will be very happy to hear from you! • please note: maximum number of spiders and photo backgrounds depends on device generation. • image quality varies depending on available ram. • spider fur effects only available on newer devices. compatible with ipod 4g and newer, iphone 4 and newer, and ipad 2 and newer for entertainment purposes only!

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