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Apes In Space - Arcade Game Report

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Apes In Space - Arcade Game

Apes in space ★★★★★ try the indie game of the year for yourself and discover why it's such a blast! these aren't your typical monkeys in space. in 2055 the great a.p.e. astronaut program was started to explore new parts of the galaxy. little did they know that the expansive galaxy was already crowded with evil aliens. it’s up to you to save the apes in space and help them explore the depths of the universe, destroy the aliens, and find their lost friend! -=gamecenter enabled!=- share your high score with your friends! apes in space a = astronaut p = planet e = exploration mission #1: search for eppy mission #2: the revenge featuring 24+ levels of intense arcade action that will leave you begging for more. can you save the apes in space??? reviews: “this game is ah-mah-zing. ” ★★★★★ - gordo, first monkey in space 
 “my friends were blown away by the epic action sequences and frustratingly addictive gameplay. ” ★★★★★ - koko, ambassador to the humans. “beep….. this game is awesome, do you have a banana??…. beeeeeeeeppppp. ” ★★★★★ - robo-monkey, first robotic a.p.e. more missions coming soon! only if you tell your friends about the game. otherwise the apes may become endangered :( directions: use the d-pad in the lower right hand side to control the space shuttle. watch out for aliens! collect bananas to extend the game timer. click on the bomb to shoot enemies when you qualify for weapons systems!

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