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Buggy Car Stunts 3D Report

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Buggy Car Stunts 3D

Get ready for total cartoon stunt driver 3d fun! buggy car stunts 3d is a super fun and well executed kart racer with great gameplay, if you are looking for a great pick on the ios app store then you for sure need to download this challenging buggy stunt driver game! put you 4x4 offroad racing skills to the test, with 30 spectacular stunt race tracks we dare to say that buggy car stunts 3d is super awesome to play. with tons of amazing jumps and challenges that will keep you playing for hours to come! looking for a exciting kart-racing action game? then jump right into the action as you crash drive your beach buggy over these well designed beach buggy cartoon tracks. do you love to drive a beach buggy? are you already excited to play this newest beach buggy stunt driver game? we bet you are the goal is to get up to 3 stars on each track, avoid amazing obstacles while you master the tricky tracks, perform insane stunts with your 4x4 beach buggy. the levels go from easy to very technical, see if you can finish them all! once you do there is always the challenge mode that will ask even more from you as a real stunt driver. drive your way through the variety of treacherous cartoon stunt tracks and enjoy the realistic bach buggy physics in this fast paced action gameplay! experience the ultra realistic and fast paced action jump into the air and land you beach buggy safely on the ground to continue your ride, watch out for the bombs otherwise you will destroy the beach buggy you love! buggy car stunts 3d game features: two epic game modes the fun professional mode, and the ultimate challenge mode. 30 levels of full stunt challenge, levels in day and night setting. real funny sound effect, watch out for the bombs enjoy the jumps and more! super smooth and awesome cartoony 3d graphics. collect stars and bolts to save for better and more fun buggy’s. three unique buggy’s more will follow, so you have more to explore in the garage. your feedback about buggy car stunts 3d is welcome! we at vascogames would love to hear what you guys think about our newest buggy car stunts 3d game! so please feel free to post your ideas about how we can improve this fun and challenging beach buggy stunt game even more. leave your feedback on our facebook page or send us an email. keep up to date about new levels and new stunt buggy by following us on facebook and twitter! facebook - https://www.facebook.com/vascogames twitter - https://twitter.com/vascogames youtube - http://goo.gl/hchvvx

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