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Asteroid Star - Cake Space Dash Report

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Asteroid Star - Cake Space Dash

Asteroid star - cake space dash is an awesome space racing game. run, run, run! fly! as fast as you can! you’re in enemy territory. enemy spaceships are getting closer. you’re flying near a bright planet ring but the planet is a gas planet so you can’t land there. comets, meteors, meteoroids, meteorites, asteroids, they’re everywhere! it’s an asteroid ring!!. you’re in trouble boy. you have a fast spaceship called pie fighter 314 and you must use it as good as you can to escape to hyperspace! traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, farm boy. the battle you’re involved in is called the cake wars. sometimes they’re called millennium wars but cake wars sounds much better. this asteroid ring is in a galaxy far, far away… not really. is in a big star called cakeine. this star is right now the center of the cake wars or millennium wars. the empire (that’s what we call the bad guys) is trying to conquer all the planets in this system. after that they will expand to other systems and conquer other stars and so on… they want to conquer all the universe and put broccoli in all the plates! we like cake and all kind of sweet things. we could say we have a crush on the candy. space broccoli is our nemesis!! nobody got time for broccoli! run through the asteroids and space and see how far you can go in this awesome space race game. * dash and dodge as fast as you can! * swipe to do lightning fast acrobatics! * comets! meteors! meteoroids! meteorites! asteroids! this game is perfect for children, kids, boys, girls, adults and everyone!

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