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Crazy8 Twister Report

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Crazy8 Twister

Love playing cards? love crazy eights and its many variations? you are sure to love crazy8 with its new twister card. this game is completely free and provides single player and multiplayer game play. all the cards also support colour blind with common card symbols. play more, win more, collect more coin's and unlock exciting new game themes, card decks, avatars, background music and booster for single player to make the game more fun and exciting. compare your scores with friends and others, or boost your friends on facebook. how many of the achievement badges will you be able to collect? crazy8 twister has been inspired by the crazy eights and the multiple variations of crazy eights. this game brings in the fun with a new action card called twister. twister card helps the player shield them from draw2 when they are in twister protection mode. the game supports all the existing action cards like draw2, skip, reverse, wild and draw4 this is a game to enjoy with your friends, family in a turn based multiplayer environment which allows you play according to your connivence. you can now have your games running for weeks, anytime check the game state and play when it your turn. multiplayer supports with following game options two win conditions score/rounds customise score to 250/500/1000 or 3/5/10 rounds draw mode with "draw and play" or "draw and skip" play with twister card on/off single player supports the following game options play in 2 player or 4 player mode complexity hard/medium/easy two win conditions score/rounds customise score to 250/500/1000 or 3/5/10 rounds draw mode with "draw and play" or "draw and skip" play with twister card on/off over 24 achievements to achieve and 15 leaderboards

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