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Star Ship Space Craft Parking 3D Report

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Star Ship Space Craft Parking 3D

Zero gravity, low on fuel on mars! now it is your turn to take over the controls test your skills and get ready for the ultimate space flight challenge ! ** new space physics & zero gravity flight game ** take control of your space ship as you try to land safely on mars. full 3d retina graphics and a most challenging game for you to master. ** a unique parking game to master ** with 3 different spaceships and a dynamic world this game brings you a new and awesome flying experience. with over 30 different flight levels ** play against your friends for time and prestige ** a fun multiplayer experience where you can compete against your friends to see who can complete the track faster and land safely on the designated landing zone -5 star reviews from the best reviews sites of 2014 : "along with dead space, galaxy on fire and star wars this is one of the best space games!" - ' mag app ( may 2014 ) ##### what's so good about star ship space craft parking 3d game you ask? - skill flying - spaceship flying takes a lot of skill, low gravity and low altitude are recipes for getting killed - 32 levels - to fly around mars with your fighter ship. from easy to real tough landing, complete them all - friends fly together - play against friends in real time. join an online competition and show off your spaceship flying skills ##### take control and fly 3 of the best fighter space ships -star destroyer - the famous spaceship from eve is both fast and tough, used in many star wars battles -freedom bird - the hope of humanity for future generations, a big spaceship designed to travel beyond the galaxy -enterprise two - a veteran of many galaxy wars the enterprise two is a tough spaceship designed for distant missions ###### some more key features you will surely enjoy in dead space 3d parking trigger - 3 steering options for max comfort and accuracy( race,tilt, wheel ) - free instant revives for those moments when u just went too far with your jet ski boat - awesome replay options to show off to your friends this game is totally free to play guaranteed. extended features such as kids mode can be bought but are not needed to complete the game!

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