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Stick And Chick - The Ultimate Stick Man Game Where You Gotta Fight For Your Girl - Crazy Fast Shooting Game Report

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Stick And Chick - The Ultimate Stick Man Game Where You Gotta Fight For Your Girl - Crazy Fast Shooting Game

Yo, check it. stick and chick is an epic and funny hip-hop stick man game that is free to play - it's a shooting game filled with guns, chicks, beatboxing, stick figures, retro arcade fun and more guns. * fight your way through the gritty urban stick figure jungle plowing through anything in your way! * rescue chick, stick’s hot as funk girl. her brother thick is a straight up thug from a rival gang whose dudes just want to cap your azz! * blast thru 10 action packed, non-stop violent levels full of testosterone throttling badazz boss fights! * power up with grenades and machine guns to take down helicopters, jacked up cars, gang members packing heat and ninjas! freaking ninjas, dude! * pump up the sick beatboxing soundtrack spit by a real life human! * laugh your azz off at the stupid funny stuff you gotta avoid to beat down thick! * run thru the gritty city in a hand-drawn world in the ultimate street fighter battle ever! follow us: www.facebook.com/stickandchick www.twitter.com/stickandchick “enough cartoon blood to fill your screen!” -- jibe “this ghetto fabulous love story is better than romeo and juliet and bloodier, yo!” - will.i.am shake.s.peare “the hottest stick figure babes i’ve ever seen!” -- huge heffna “this single-player game is the closest you'll ever get to being a rapper with a rap sheet and not get arrested for clearing the streets of trash!” -- ice, thugs and harming me *** stick and chick requires ios 6 or higher to run *** © 2014 animax interactive llc. all rights reserved. *** stick and chick is free to play. players can purchase additional bling or remove ads for real money. please adjust your device settings if you wish to lock out the ability to purchase in-game content ***

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