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Sticks And Square Lite Report

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Sticks And Square Lite

Welcome to sticks and square lite - a free version *** news: apariya llc is celebrating over 15,000 downloads from all of it's popular apps. a big thank you from our team! *** description: ----------- this turn-based game allows you to play up to 9 more players or you can challenge the game itself at various levels! or even challenge yourself at every game! this one is a very simple yet interesting game. the rules are straight-forward. 1. pick a stick - every player gets a turn to pick one stick ! 2. block the squares - block a square and get your bonus turn ! 3. win the game - block more squares and win the game ! 4. play against game itself - game picks at last turn (player(s) vs. game) ! yes, this game is that simple but the fun part comes into play while your competitors also want to do the exact same thing and steal all the squares even before you think or even blink! who is our audience: -------------------- are you all alone and bored ? are you looking for more fun ? are you just tired of work and want to take a quick break ? are you looking for a game to play with your kids or grand kids ? are you just simply surfing for a new game ? it doesn't matter!!! just download this game right away and enjoy !!! this game is an absolute stress buster, logical, challenging, interactive, after all you can have fun playing this game anywhere, with up to 9 other friends or even alone all day long !!! this game is for anyone at age 4+. a perfect game to spend quality time and have more fun challenging yourself, others or even the game itself! game features: -------------- 1. 2 boards under easy level, 1 board under hard & 1 board under champ level. 2. play against game (artificial intelligence) at all three levels. 3. play with timer on while playing against the game! what you get in the paid version: -------------------------------- 1. no ads at all! 2. take turns and play with unto 9 other players in one single game - a total family fun is guranteed! 3. 14 more boards shared across all three levels of the game (18 boars in total, having 6 boards at each level). 4. play with timer on along with 9 other players for more tough competition! 5. challenge both game and other players at the same time in a single game! what are you waiting for! go and hit the download button and have fun all day long! p.s. please be sure to read, understand & agree to our privacy policy page (including terms of use) before downloading and using our application.** ** if you do not agree to our terms of use or privacy policy, please do not use our application and please feel free to contact us if you have any question via our support url. thank you for all of your support, likes and ratings!

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