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Custom-X: Huntress Report

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Custom-X: Huntress

Custom-x: "huntress" is the ultimate customization app!! choose from a variety of different options: - color customize "huntress" - cloths - hair - weapon - ninja mask - change animations - four different animations to choose from - full 360 rotation - swipe left or right - touch the screen to pause rotation - hd graphics and gorgeous 3d models! - relaxing score - option to turn off music - listen to your own music as you customize character profile: "huntress" huntress is a human vampire hybrid raised to be the ultimate assassin by a powerful and ancient group who choose to remain anonymous! huntress is ordered by her masters to find the "human key" before the "sisters" get to it, she does not ask any questions, but simply sharpens her blade and prepares for battle! age: 30 weapon: katana blade, ninja stars, magic attacks! powers: super human strength, super human speed, shadow magic, ninjutsu, vampire attacks! height: 5'7 weight: 114 interests: music, dancing, singing, fashion "as the masters wield it, so it shall be done, nothing will stop me from completing my mission!" says huntress as she gears up for the journey ahead! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "huntress" is one of 5 characters from xco's up-coming all female action adventure game coming out this holiday season! get ready for an all new action series featuring gorgeous women, gorgeous levels, and more magic spells than anyone one goddess can handle! games will never be the same: - hd graphics - hd models - fantastic story line! - customization - free to play! - coming soon...

TagsSimulation Role Playing Games Productivity

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