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Sugar Cubes! 3D Stereograph Report

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Sugar Cubes! 3D Stereograph

*** new interactive arcade game mode, blast the cubes with a cannon, for max destruction. *** animated 3d stereographic psychedelic sugar cubes (no glasses required) for the iphone, ipod touch and ipad. *** highlighted features *** - ipad stereographic view small enough for 3d effect. - six morphing shapes. cube, pyramid, sphere, stack, cylinder, toroid, and an octahedron. - beautifully rich colors using the entire color spectrum. - dramatic cannon and collision sound effects. - interactive physics model, blast away for fantastic stress relief. - chaotic physics modeling system to create dynamic destruction of the 'shape'. watch for flying debris as this stereograph is now alive. - interact with the cubes, spin them around, the faster you swipe, the faster they spin, pinch to zoom in and out, make the cubes huge and swim in the 3d stereograph. - auto rotation may now be disabled. - info button fades out after a few seconds for an uncluttered display. - screensaver style viewports. reviews: it's like you can see right inside the cubes. - jason gorgeous colors. - ph this cross-eyed stereographic animation is simply viewed by relaxing your eyes and focusing deep within the display, which will come to life in full 3d glory. be mesmerized by the cubes that lets you feel you could jump right in. no glasses are required, the display happens to be a nice size to view these effects and you will be amazed. when viewed correctly, you will see three images, with the center one in stereographic, then just watch and enjoy. a normal 3d view, great as a screensaver, and a viewport view with top and side views are also available, just touch the info button and select the mode. try it with the new hasbro my3d. warning! the intense immersive animation feels so real you may feel dizzy or nauseous, enjoy! like 3d stereographs? collect them all: bounce. coaster. sugar cubes. hop hop. pixel dust. vroom. hints from testers for viewing the 3d stereographic effects: - try putting the screen right next to your nose, and cross your eyes a little until you see one blurry display, then while retaining focus on that image, slowly move the display away until you reach about 12 inches. the optimal distance is dependent on you eyes and ability to focus. when correct, the center display should be clear. - another method is to hold the display about 12 inches from your eyes, and hold your hand perpendicular to your display about half way between your eyes and the display. move your hand closer or farther from the display until with each eye closed you only see one of the images. then when both eyes are open, you should find it easier to focus within the display. once you have focused on the display, you should be able to remove your hand. - in general, you need to relax your eyes and focus within the display in order to see the effects. - last, some of the population has difficulty focusing on stereographic targets, however most testers have been able to enjoy stereographic effects with practice. write to us with your 3d stereographic requests.

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