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Synonyms Word Game Report

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Synonyms Word Game

Every word can have a synonym. can you guess the right synonym for each word? what if the world was so dull there was only one word to describe a voice, a thought, or feeling? if every voice, thought, or feeling was describe with a single word, the world would be a very boring place. lucky for you, we have synonyms! a synonym is a word or phrase that means the same or something similar as another word or phrase. a synonym could be cunning and clever or astonish and surprise. in synonyms word game, you'll be guessing the synonym word or phrase for each level. this fantastic word game features 8 categories with 240 hand crafted levels made for any word game lover. every level gets harder and harder to ensure that this game will challenge you every step of the way. feeling stuck? you can use hints to reveal letters or zaps to remove letters that are not used in the answer. more examples of synonyms can be (and might be used in the game) are: answer -> reply baby -> infant big -> large car -> auto hut -> shack leave -> exit sit down, relax, and have fun with this new and popular word game.

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