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Tab Tab Mushroom Report

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Tab Tab Mushroom

Tab tab mashroom, too much fun, do not stop, quickly download a try! play from birzzle, more cartoons, more models, completely free of charge! remember plants vs zombies in the mushrooms? mushrooms grow confused crazy, run! let us not confuse the appearance of the manor were mushrooms, although the picture is beautiful, the sound with a very clever, we should need to eliminate mushrooms, mushroom super big battle look forward to your participation! mushrooms veil puzzle: 1, there will be a variety of dreamy confusion cute mushrooms, careful not to be confused appearance; 2, mushroom manor picture beautiful cute, do not get lost; 3, tab tab mashroom, the process is very smooth, carefully slippery; 4, tab tab mashroom, the method is very simple, but must concentrate; 5, it is said there will be more follow-up mushrooms manor spread sharing methods, such as qq, sms, wechat, email and other; mushrooms play weapon: 1, tab tab mashroom, like birzzle play, as long as there are three or more drag mushrooms can be eliminated; 2, tab tab mashroom, like super mario bros, popstar, set a time limit, we need to score goals to complete within a specified time; 3, while the more mushrooms elimination scores obtained will be more.

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