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Thanksgiving Dinner - Indian Hunt 3D Report

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Thanksgiving Dinner - Indian Hunt 3D

Thanksgiving day is coming! have you got a turkey for the dinner? not yet?! so, catch it right now! in thanksgiving dinner - indian hunt 3d you are to shoot several birdies. you are the red indian chief and you're responsible for all the people in your tribe. don't let them be hungry - go hunting! what to do: - get ready to see a turkey. no, lots of turkeys - you must feed your tribe, remember? shoot them! as many as possible! - get coins for the bag of game and exchange them in the shop/ you can buy the health, for example. - after each 5th level the boss appears. further you play, stronger he becomes. yes, the thanksgiving dinner - indian hunt 3d isn't easy at all. watch out! a wild boar is rushing into you! shoot it too! oh, wait a minute.. what's wrong with the turkeys? they're running faster and faster! and some of them are somewhat strange... thanksgiving dinner - indian hunt 3d features: - engaging gameplay you're the red indian chief! - increasing difficulty - turkeys are getting faster and faster! - amazing graphics - real 3d! - challenge each 5 levels - fight the boss!

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