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Police Car Parking Ultra : Police Driving Academy Report

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Police Car Parking Ultra : Police Driving Academy

Police car parking ultra are you a big fan of speedy and lush cars ??? if u are then you will be amazed after playing this game! parking school, created in the urban metropolis of new york, filled with exciting sounds of police car sirens and wireless announcements, police car parking ultra is the perfect mix of challenge and fun. this is not an ordinary truck or jeep parking game. if you think you can drive the truck and jeeps, this police car is all about speed and your skill to maneuver. after a day of chasing the most wanted criminals, giving them a hot pursuit in which different cars smash into your cop car, in the heat of the police chase. the last thing you need to do before you turn off your police lights. is to show your colleges that you are no rookie cop in this 3d game, by parking your car like a real parking king. and if you think car parking is easy then think again you need to avoid hitting into the traffic mania on the road and junctions. don’t rush through the traffic and don’t panic in this 3d game keep your need for speed under control. hey rookie cops!.... come and show your skills! in this newest 3d police car parking simulator.this is gona be a new parking experience for you as a police officer. after serving your duty and chasing bad guys in police car you have an other duty of parking your police car safe from the criminals. this cop car parking will help you become skilled policeman. the police car parking simulator game will bring out the real cop inside you. as a police officer its your duty to make the streets and city a safer place to live in, stop them doing there daily crimes n be on time n park safely. this police car parking game is specially designed to take your parking experience at new level. you need to make sure that you successfully complete every parking mission and get the three medals but let me tell you its going to b a nerve-wracking challenge for you. so don't rush because speed is not every thing agility and carefulness counts a lot! parking at the crime scene without bringing any damage needs a lot of patience and skills and let me tell u its gona b tricky for u because you have to drive through specially designed missions. right amount of control and a knack for parking is what completes the driving simulation experience. after playing this game you do not need to go to a parking school to get your parking skills. this parking game can be parking mania or frenzy because the levels are not designed to simply park your car, bus or other vehicle. ultra 3d police car parking takes place in several different levels, set in 3d-style. in each level you’ll need to find a way to park your car. drive through the different 3d levels. try to park your car as fast as possible to get the highest score and try to beat your own time. as you drive your way through the levels, the game will get progressively more challenging. this 3d parking game will give even the most skilled driver a serious challenge. so get behind the steering wheel even if you have never driven a car, truck or bus before, and play this fun parking game. complete the challenges to graduate from the police parking academy simulator test and get on to be a real cop! well let's not waste time and start practicing to drive right away ... features: • park according to arrows the faster you park the grater the medal you get. • challenging and outstanding 3d outdoor environment with stunning graphics. • city driving missions • more levels coming soon • 10 different levels we welcome your feedback, ratings & comments.

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