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Blocky 911 Ambulance Rescue - Addictive & Funny Real Blocks Simulator Game Report

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Blocky 911 Ambulance Rescue - Addictive & Funny Real Blocks Simulator Game

Blocky 911 ambulance rescue 3d is an awesome, colorful and attractive blocked and cuboid shaped ambulance simulation and driving game in new cars and ambulance rescue team. feel yourself comfortable carlos as the crazy and frenzy blocky 911 ambulance driver simulation in 911 ambulance around the city streets and rescuing people who are in 911 emergency and as a dr.driving and giving first aid paramedics to the patients and stay behind enemy lines as the riots has just began, you have to stay calm under pressure it’s a heavy duty ambulance and not a blocked 4x4 monster truck, so be cool fast and rescue your patients to the nearest locations and 911 emergency centers. blocky 911 ambulance rescue 3d simulator game provides you with real experience in simulating the 911 emergency ambulances throughout the city areas and deliver blocky first aid to the injured block and cuboid people who needs you in 911 emergency situations, this game provides you every bit of simulating experiences which you have not enjoyed in any other ambulance game until now, in blocky 911-ambulance rescue 3d game, you are an experience 911 emergency ambulance driver and a crazy new york taxi driver with uber specialty who can be an ambulance simulator and a rush driver who can simulate within the city in emergency ambulances of 911 and save lives in an awesome blocky game of 911 ambulances. in this blocky emergency 911-ambulance rescue thriller game your mission is to save civilians in crisis situation, so plot your route across the huge blocky city and remember as an emergency 911 ambulance driver and not a 4x4 monster truck driver you will always race against time to be a real life paramedic. as a former nyc crazy taxi driver and a champion of the extreme racing games and driving simulators you are the best emergency simulator rescue driver of 911 rescue and emergency situation and you have to be determined and to prove yourself in this 911 emergency ambulance game. perform the most impossible rescue missions, you need to control the ambulance vans and need to drive as fast and safely through the blocky city, drive 911 ambulance within the city in peak and rush hours, you have to drive fast without crashing or colliding with citizens, kids, traffic vehicles and especially with parking vehicles like taxis, cars, buses, trucks and school buses as lives are on stake so simulate the 911 ambulance from accident areas after picking the wounded and deliver them to the nearest city hospitals before its too late, keep your ambulance siren on for rash and reckless simulation experience as the race is against time, keep your brake steady and simulate but watch out for rushed traffic coming from all your sides. blocky 911 ambulance rescue 3d emergency rescue simulator is a realistic and addictive game with challenging missions in all emergencies. this game is one of the best simulating game like all free games of parking trucks, heavy duty vehicles, 4x4 monster trucks, crazy taxi driving and parking, driving and simulating into a city bus simulator or parking a police blocky car or chasing thieves in police car chase simulator, car and auto games are almost a little different from each other but far different from game play. this game of ambulance is not like other simulator games of taxi parking, bus parking, truck and heavy machinery simulation games, it’s only an ambulance in 911 rescue and emergency missions.

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