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Ambulance Rescue Driver 3D Report

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Ambulance Rescue Driver 3D

Ranging from a fire in the house to car accidents, from airplane crash landing to alien space ship crash, from bike accidents to attending to emergency situations such as seizure – it is mayday out there. ambulance rescue driver is an emergency simulation game where you can be the hero and save the day. you have to drive an ambulance and attend to emergency situations. you are the on-duty ambulance emergency driver who needs to attend to the emergency call on the situation and take injured people to hospital er for medical treatment. the lives of those people depend on you so you need to reach the accident scene and save lives. drive fast and safe to transport them to a hospital emergency room while the ambulance doctor provides first aid treatment on the way. driving, parking and transporting are all part of your duties as an ambulance rescue driver. don’t forget to turn the ambulance sirens on so that people make way for you to be able to successfully complete your rescue mission.. driving an ambulance is not an easy task as you always have to drive safe and also have to reach the hospital in time. the situation is serious and people are injured. make sure you drive straight and don’t crash into buildings as that will stop you from reaching the hospital in time and can also be fatal for the patients. ***** game features ***** * multiple ambulance rescue missions * realistic city environment * smooth steering controls for seamless driving * 3d graphics & environment we hope you enjoy the game. your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.

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