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Fashion Blogger Girl - Boyfriend Does My Makeup Report

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Fashion Blogger Girl - Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Everyone loves funny videos. you’re a famous fashion blogger putting your boyfriend up to the ultimate challenge: doing your makeup in front of the camera. think he has what it takes? as a fashion blogger, you’re always up on the latest trends and hottest tips to share with your followers. you’ve decided that it’s time for your boyfriend to get involved to help you create a very funny and amusing video. he’s always up for some fun, so you’ll get him to do your makeup. if he’s feeling even more ambitious, you can get him to give you some spa facial treatments and play dress up. how to play: • enlist your boyfriend’s help to make a hilarious video for your video blog • tell him it’s just a little test • let him put on your makeup to see how good he does • be sure to have the camera rolling • he’s got the option to also give you spa • there’s also the fun of getting him to play dress up for you • have a great time! play as your boyfriend to see how funny a video you can create. this is going to be so much fun! download now to get started. come visit our partner's social media: website: http://www.beautygirlsinc.com/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautygirlsinc twitter: https://twitter.com/beautygirlsinc instagram: https://instagram.com/beautygirlsincorporated

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