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Game Pro - Super Mario Lost Level Peach Goomba Edition Report

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Game Pro - Super Mario Lost Level Peach Goomba Edition

Super mario bros.: the lost levels is a side-scrolling, platformer action game similar in style and gameplay to the original 1985 super mario bros., save for an increase in difficulty. as in the original, mario (or luigi) venture to rescue the princess from bowser. the player jumps between platforms, avoids enemy and inanimate obstacles, finds hidden secrets (like the warp zone and vertical vines), and collectspower-ups like the mushroom (which makes mario grow), the fire flower (which lets mario throw fireballs), and the invincibility star. unlike the original, there is no two-player mode[6] and the player chooses between the twin plumbers, who are differentiated for the first time, at thetitle screen. luigi, designed for skilled players, has less ground friction and higher jump height mario is faster. features : 
• walkthrough videos
 • read character bios 
• guide on every level
 • cheats and tricks in level
 • how to get through challenge modes 
• manual game guide
 • trailer videos 
• and many more enjoy the game with your friends and family now! download this game cheats edition ios app

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