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Beach Mommy'S Dream Tour - Beauty Pregnancy Check/Lovely Infant Care Report

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Beach Mommy'S Dream Tour - Beauty Pregnancy Check/Lovely Infant Care

Beach mommy's dream tour is a fun-filled princess pregnant check game. beach mommy has married to her loved husband and she is pregnant now, this news has made the whole family very excited and happy, she is so happy and nervous as thesis the first to her, she enjoys the happiness to be a mother and she also protects her baby carefully, this is the first time for beach mommy to be a mother, she does have many things need to learn and study, many things should be take care, she has bought a pregnancy book from the library and starts to learn the pregnancy knowledges, the pregnancy book has involved many precautions for pregnant mommy, including living habits, food and so on, and there are also a lot of sweet tips for baby developments, beach mommy cares about the food and living habits, she will not eat any food which may bad for the baby, she focuses on the balanced diet, the baby will be healthier and stronger, the time flies, now the baby is ready to out and beach mommy is lying in the hospital for delivery, there are some check need to do before delivery, let’s see whether the baby is a girl or boy. features: - pack simple clothes and toys for baby - call 911 and send beach mommy to hospital - adjust beach mommy’s breath, inject anesthetic - baby comes~ cut umbilical cord off for him - check baby’s body - weight and heart rate check,simple care is necessary for beach mommy - inject little baby - wear clothes for little baby - let beach mommy see her beautiful baby you can find us: official website: http://www.youkongwan.com/ google+: https://plus.google.com/109944588331858989353 like us on our facebook family: https://www.facebook.com/youkongwan video:https://www.youtube.com/channel/uczuqp95onigo_zkid-recfw if you have any doubt or you need some tech support, please tell us . we will be there for you 24 hours everyday day. email:estaff@youkongwan.com

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