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Warriors Of Glory Report

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Warriors Of Glory

Product overview warriors of glory is an exciting arpg with stunning 3d game graphics and rts gameplay. the once prosperous and peaceful kingdom is under siege from an undead army hell bent on the destruction of all human life! work with the royal legionaries and war dogs and lay waste to all skeletons, demons, and trolls who dare stand in your path! restore peace and prosperity, glory shall be yours! key features • three playable characters play as 3 unique warriors each leading to different density paths and skill trees. barbarians - pummel your opponents into submission with your fists. assassins - strike from the shadows and unleash lightning fast combination attacks. mages - summon the power of the elements and blast your enemies. • real-time 2v2 arena combat step into the epic 2v2 arena with your friends, battle head to head or duel other players for the chance to win amazing prizes! choose your ally and form the ultimate team to increase your comprehensive batter power. • join a guild and hunt world bosses gather your friends and join a guild to build alliances with other heroes. battle as a team, make tactical decisions and defeat powerful bosses! • stunning 3d graphics immerse yourself in an amazing world rendered in cutting-edge 3d graphics containing incredible visual experiences you’ve come to expect from pcs and consoles! • simple and intuitive touch controls attack, parry, block, strike and combo! experience the iconic easy-to-use control system and unleash your heroes’ unique skills with the simple swipe of a finger! feel the excitement of fast paced battles! connect with warriors of glory! facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woggame/ twitter: https://twitter.com/woggame youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kick9games twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/kick9games

TagsAdventure Role Playing Games

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