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Roller Skee Ball - Bowling Arcade Play In Hoops Report

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Roller Skee Ball - Bowling Arcade Play In Hoops

Where the fun begins "roller skee ball" is skee-balling style and full user friendly game. it is most addictive and entertaining physics based roller bowling game ever made! if you love american ball, roller ball,ramp bowling, arcade bowling, air hockey, real skee-ball, darts, basketball, hoops, pinball, golf, football, tennis and other casual flick style sports games, you'll love roller skee ball. this game is easy to play and fall in love with. you'll feel right back to your childhood. how to play: use your finger and steady aim to fling balls down the alley and up the ramp into the scoring holes. each hole has different scores. try to hit the bonuses to get it for taking more benifits/entertainment from the game features: - great physics engine - addictive game play - awsomde 3d models - bright and great ui - animated menus and ui - great sound and music collection

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