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Flying Rooftop Car Sprint Simulator 3D - Stunt Car Driving Run Test Game Report

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Flying Rooftop Car Sprint Simulator 3D - Stunt Car Driving Run Test Game

Fly your cars in the sky! park your car on the rooftop of the buildingstake your stunts daredevil instincts to the new height with flying rooftop car sprint simulator 3d, steer and drive super fast cars on the rooftop ramps. perform stunts to get nitro boost sprints and slam it all down to the insane speed of overdrive! flying rooftop cars.fasten your seat belts while sprinting over the huge and dangerous rooftops. become an expert flying rooftop car sprint simulator stunt car and roof-jumping driver and experience the stunt simulation on high roofs, buildings, parking areas and skyscrapers. drive crazy flying rooftop cars and sprint over the massive and huge insane obstacles, zigzag tracks and road curves, mysterious ascending and descending inclined planes. jump over insane obstacles and hurdles to make some giant leaps. jump and fly your rooftop car from rooftop to rooftop as you bounce and sprint flying car around this terrain in 3d city.hit hard, smash, drag, and push your rooftop flying car and sprint over the opponents off the roof to win the flying stunt rooftop car sprint battle. can you make the deadly rumble on the roof? indulge in the most exotic of locations. it’s time for mayhem on the heights. pilot flying car rooftop sprinting is an innovative adrenaline fueled, action, 3d driving and jumping igry. sreda level simulation of a flooded city with high-rise buildings. master the most extreme crazy flying car rooftop driving and parking missions you’ve ever experienced. jump and sprint between rooftops, race over raised platforms and avoid crazy traffic to complete the rooftop daredevil flying cars stunt driving as fast as you can. hold the steering tight, sprint jump & drive crazy flying cars on roof. flying rooftop car sprint stunts is challenging, roof climbing and car sprinting and racing game or car stunt game. get ready to drive your off-road racing car in mega city where you have to jump and drive your crazy flying car on rooftop and park your bouncy dr. driving flying car on given area. 3d arrows will direct you to the destination; unlimited awesome jumping cars, 4x4 suv's and sports cars are available for selection. huge jumps, mid-air ramps and superb tracks are available for crazy car stunts and jumping roof car driving. this flying rooftop car sprint sim jumping game is not a simple car rooftop driving game, its a professional rooftop car stunt game. you have to drive your 3d turbo stunt rooftop offroad 4x4 and sports cars carefully and jump over zigzag ramps and park on the rooftopjump over fiery flying car paths! speedily dash through spiked, vicious gates for survival. new and original flying car rooftop stunt missions – can you handle the jumps and sprint narrow platforms without falling to earth? race high amongst the buildings of the city on some seriously fun and crazy fantasy tracks in flying cars rooftop sprint simulator! jump and race on roofs thorough mysterious terrain flying rooftop car sprint sim 3d is furiously addictive once you hit the asphalt and feel the adrenaline as you fasten your seatbelts and get into the cockpit of high profile stunt flying and rooftop sprinting wonder cars.

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