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疯狂真人捕鱼之欢乐万炮2016:经典游戏中心 Report

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Super popular popular online multiplayer online fishing game "fishing master" on-line shock, pure arcade fishing games are played, simple to get started without difficulty, rich props, high magnification, easy to enjoy the fun of fishing! 1 million people with the field, 4 people on the same stage, fishing is no longer a person's game, fast and small partners with big fish! 2. kill bonus fish to win calls to complete the task of the team! 3. spike bonus fish powerful warhead, free forging strong cannon, a gun 10 million, instant explosion! 4. ghost ship carrying a lot of treasure into a strong, come join the ranks of the indiana, let it taste the taste of being plundered it!

TagsArcade Family Games

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