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Wild Real Jungle Hunting : Animals Sniper Shooter Report

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Wild Real Jungle Hunting : Animals Sniper Shooter

Get ready for hilly off-road hunting in jungle challenge! remember off-road hills roads? and dark forest with wild animals sounds. most wanted jeep hunting the animals to shoot and become a best hunter. hold your breath! aim and shoot! on this game have double packed action and simulation on which you have driven the monster russian 4x4 jeep and find the deer, wolf ,lions, rabbit, and other wild animals to shoot and improve your driving and guns strike shooting. you are not yet the best hunter in the jungle and dark forest. then play this wild death deer hunting game. play on your style as you want to and show your power to hit the dangerous animals yes, if you have missed than start jungle hunting with best deer hunting regions and sharp shooting skills. it’s time for getting ready to be best wild hunter in the wild animal jungle and get the title of best sniper dark forest hunter of this new year 2017 a real wild jungle jeep hunter. 4x4 jeep hunt is full of craze and hunting experience in the jungle by the 4x4 suv. it is the most realistic and ultimate hunting game and you will feel really hunting enjoyment in this 3d game. you are on a journey and on the way there is animal’s jurassic jungle which is completely surrounded by the dark creature of the jungle known as different wild animals. start your jeep and drive on the mountain track off road and find your target destination. follow the red line on the game and find the animals on map. extreme hunting in jungle with your monster 4x4 jeeps - hunting on the suv in safari and other different countries forest. move around from point to point on the jungle jeep off-road suv. your goal is to kill all animals in your range. use sniper view for better precision. during the game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics of the dark forest and wild animal’s jungle. hunt different animals: bear, wolf, deer, fox, hare, elk and other animals hid from you locate and kill them all! how to play and hunting: , select level from the game and select your favorite 4x4 jeep choose from among multiple different types of jeeps drive jeep on the dark forest jungle and follow the line find the wild jungle animals and press the switch button then find the deer, wolf and other animals use zoom buttons to target animals. be aware of the time. binoculars to locate far away animals focus on wild animals and fire. use camera zooms for accurate shots. complete first level then unlock and play the other levels. finish it in a given time, otherwise level become failed. use any movement controller option from tilt, steering and arrows. press brake for stop truck jeep press accelerator for start the jeep drive jeep on the mountain off-road and dark forest hunter features:, double packed of action shooting and simulation free open world 4x4 off-road hill. and dark forest latest elite sniper rifles 3d animated african safari jungle animals breathtaking visuals of mountains, hill, trees and complete grassland. wild animals and lush forests

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