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Blocky Zilla: City Crush Report

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Blocky Zilla: City Crush

Feel like a real bad gorilla in the city. create your own strategy, survival in the city is not easy for an animal. explore blocky city locations with your animal, break everything, even hit innocent people right on the city streets. try a crazy gorilla survival in a big city with blocky zilla: city crush! we enjoy crazy gorillas and do our best to make great city animal survival. features of blocky zilla: city crush - unusual blocky graphics - many city objects to break - gorilla quests mode - bazooka! - big blocky city to explore - crazy mushrooms - animal survival mode feel how to be a blocky gorilla, do crazy things! everyone likes that animal! eat strange city mushrooms and see what happen with your animal in the survival simulator. then - try to hit everything in the blocky city simulator. spend many hours in city survival simulator. don't dream to be an animal, be a city gorilla in animal survival simulator! run wherever you want in city survival mode, or choose animal quests mode and have a fun. find and fire a bazooka! run, eat, crash - be a gorilla in the simulator is better than real animal. meet enemies and attack them. upgrade your blocky gorilla and make mess in the city. wreck and smash down everything with your animal. complete all city missions, do crazy animal things. it is easy - simulator controls allow you to run, attack and fire! become a blocky gorilla now and run across city streets. choose simulator's mode that you like more - animal survival or quests. in both of them search every corner in survival simulator, you never know what you may find. don't be a human in the animal world. start blocky city survival, be a gorilla in the simulator, it is much funnier! finish all gorilla quests - in the survival simulator they can be challenging, but funny. try blocky zilla: city crush, enjoy being a crazy animal!

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