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Floating Miao Spiritual Domain:Top Free Report

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Floating Miao Spiritual Domain:Top Free

"floating miao spiritual domain" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. game world view to the ancient chinese mythology based on the integration of the three kingdoms hegemony and other elements, and art to build the cultivation of the world. "troubled times, and the demon of health," troubled advent, demons in power, the world hegemony of the three kingdoms coexist with the mythical war. "floating miao legend" into a large number of seeking the road, the country war, the mythical origin between the "cultivation" and "state" as the core idea, to create an ancient ghost chaos war, ancient qin, li tang, han three hegemony war era. the role of the game players will have a fairy but has fallen into the mortal world of the role of adventure, and ultimately in the demon slayer, and participate in the world hegemony. ====== features play ====== 1, the first live action to guide the heavy hand tour, ultra-praise the world's best feel, immersive experience. 2, the theme of the ancient chinese mythology can expand the story background, chivalrous tenderness, of tears into poetry. 3, the integration of the role-playing, collection, develop, competitive pk and other exciting elements. 4, 3d particle dynamic effects to create cool skills, realistic visual experience. 5, the top of the original painting support, into the animation system, a variety of rich xx life. 6, the player will be more than ancient xiuxian identity, to participate in a passionate adventure, not only in cents, people, magic three community struggle, but also experience the thrill of mortal hegemony. "floating miao legend" into the pk, a copy of the strategy to develop a variety of games are played. 1, pets: combat power to enhance, advanced, or products, collaborative operations. 2, horse: combat power to enhance, advanced, or products, enhance the speed. 3, a copy of: a copy of the team, single copy, single brush boss copy, climb a copy of the copy, and so a variety of ways to play. 4, equipment: blasting stars, xilian, upgrade, mosaic, synthesis, decomposition, dismantling, suits, and so diverse play. 5, pk: million national war, siege warfare, camp war, melee pk, instant pk.

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