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Blockcell.Io - 方块大乱斗.Io Report

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Blockcell.Io - 方块大乱斗.Io

Block cell.io comprehensive upgrading, new io storm has struck! smoother operating experience, more beautiful ui screen, more stable network, more competitive interaction. updated as follows: 1, ui comprehensive optimization of the overall interface, the use of a more fresh and simple style of art 2, add new voice chat system, players can communicate with other players in the game instant communication 3, add a lot of beautiful square skin, in the fierce competition to show their unique charm 4, add naked eye 3d sky background, let the game player in the game in the boundless universe and travel experience 5, comprehensive optimization of network, delay and other technical issues. ensure the fluency of the game. at present, only temporarily set up the hongkong server, will increase after including north america, europe and other local servers 6, optimize the operating experience of the game, the original sprint skills adjusted to: after use will not consume any of its own box, but will have the use of cd time, the total number of cd more long box ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- the outbreak of war block, innovation of competitive io game blcok.io waiting for you to fight! - free! freedom of movement to absorb block, combined into a more powerful giant block. fierce collision with other players, the weak can only become a strong food! operating - the remote control lever control block moves - clockwise, counter-clockwise button control rotation - spray buttons consume block, can quickly sprint a distance features * simple and fun - easy to understand, highly competitive and tactical io gameplay * block synthesis - block can synthesize larger box, the bigger one the greater its hardness!! - free synthesis of various shapes! * intense collision - anytime, anywhere competitive interaction, the big crush the small. - the fun of the io game, free collision of players around the world, competition for io game king. * less time? come on a fast paced game! - 8 minutes fast-paced game, so you can come to a game anytime, anywhere, play with the world's io game masters - the game built-in world charts do you like io games? sib is an exclusive boutique io game creation team e-mail - esthercanfly815@gmail.com facebook -https://www.facebook.com/block-cellio-1853236111605316/

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