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Endless Tap - Shadow Land Report

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Endless Tap - Shadow Land

One day, the world suddenly lost its colour… all the colour in the world was taken by a monster that came from nowhere! the colourful world became monochromatic… in these times, we need the help of the legendary puppeteer! please, puppeteer!!! ""what?! you're the puppeteer?!?!"" what the fairy lily summoned was...a white rice cake?! no, no, it's the puppeteer all right...well, half of him (his soul) summoned to save the world, you have no body and have lost your memories... ""it's okay! i'll support you!"" together with the fairy lily who summoned you, become the puppeteer to take back the colours! i feel like the other half of me is somewhere in this world... as you progress, your memories become clear. will the world get its colourful hues back?! scatter your enemies in exhilarating battles with a simple tap! control a puppet hero and banish your enemies with a ramming attack! borrow the strength of the auto-attack puppet ""automata"" and progress to the next areas! all kinds of puppets and monsters! strengthen and customise your favourite puppets! full of speedrun possibilities too! recommended for people who: - love free games to spend their free time! - get easily hooked on free casual games - want to relax with a game you can leave running - love inflated numbers that keep going up! - like monochromatic design! - like small, black things... - love the exhilaration of fast progress! - like hack and slash games! - like tapping-type rpgs!! - want to crush everyone!!!! - like reading a comical story - like achieving goals and completing collections - want to share interesting images over line, facebook and twitter - background music and sound effects 魔王魂・効果音ラボ・soundlabel・くらげ工匠・甘茶・music-note.jp・soundjay - voice collaborations giraffe *this game provides paid items. *free play is possible, but those who would like to progress at one shot can use these items.

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