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Gold Miner Tom

You have a grab hook, a long rope and maybe a little bit of dynamite? perfect. you’ve got everything you need to be a professional casual gold miner now! in this gold miner clicker game your one and only goal is to collect the biggest and most valuable gold nuggets and even diamonds from under the earth. you will face at least two problems though: you only have a limited amount of time for each level and you have to gather a certain amount of gold or diamonds to reach the level goal. will you go for the big chunks that bring in more money but take much longer to reel in or aim for the little nuggets with lower value? your strategic thinking skills will be tested here. as a real gold miner you will have a few nice upgrades at your disposal. and those will make gold mining a lot easier. for example: - strength: you will reel in everything much quicker - double coins: value of everything is doubled - tnt: blow stuff up that you don’t need! our favourite! - more coins for worthless rocks: does exactly what it says :) each level has the same gameplay: your hook swings from left to right automatically and you have to release it by tapping the screen to collect gold and diamonds or those little bags with a surprise in it. it will get tougher from level to level, though. to play gold miner successfully in the later levels you will have to swing your hook past annoying little mice and even exploding barrels if you want to collect the really big valuables. will you be able to retrieve a tiny little diamond surrounded by five exploding barrels? it’s all about timing and a little bit of luck. it’s a skill game after all. upgrades will help you master each level. but be careful not to spend too much of your collected coins on upgrades before each level. you may have a hard time to reach the money goal then. and when that happens it means game over and back to the start. come with us on a free gold miner adventure. gold miner tom is 100% free. features: - play gold miner free - unlimited levels - different upgrades - colorful graphics and funny music - no texts! suitable for everyone! - gold miner offline - free download


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