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Happy Restaurant© - Cooking Yummy Foods Report

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Happy Restaurant© - Cooking Yummy Foods

【introduction】      the princess fell in love with the pizza! the chef in the castle opened the pizza shop for the princess! came to the pizza shop, the princess was very happy, slowly, the princess with his friends came to the pizza shop to enjoy the food! 【how to play】      open the game, you can see a few different game levels, choose an entry, open your pizza cooking trip it      click on "play" to enter the game, enter the game and click on the bottom of the screen plate, vegetables, diced, cheese spices and other buttons to switch you want. when you're done, click the "show" button at the top right of the screen to show your work to your friends. 【game features】      operating a good pizza shop, need to hurry, the food with any match to meet customer needs      a variety of flavors with whatever you choose      various scenes are free to switch

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