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Stuntman Wipeout Run Adventure Report

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Stuntman Wipeout Run Adventure

Enter into the arena of the wipe out session, perform aerobatics as a professional stuntman runner in this amazing and crazy wipe-out challenges and adventure. the amazing and legendary stunt performance game in a new style, clear the obstacles, leap through hurdles, don’t get wipe out from the slides or bouncing balls, beat the contestants and race against the time to be the winner in this legendary challenging competition. show the audience the performance of a pro parkour stuntman, avoid collision and crash with the barrels sliding towards you, jump and run, leap or drag away from the obstacles, avoid the wrecking ball, don’t try frenzy acts, struggle for the hard time to reach the destination to grab keys of the castle door, there are no mermaids so take out your fear and splash factor, reach the finish line beating the time. let the amazing daredevil adventure commence, run and enjoy the beautiful stuntman wipe-out style environment power packed with awesome obstacles, dangerous hurdles, rollers and amazing swinging bouncy big ball, gather your stamina and jump for the fun. feel the adrenaline rush as you dash, twist and tilt your way round the tight corners, clash through uphill rush and racing loops whizz through at lightning speeds in hybrid adventure combining wipe-out water racing and swimming frenzy mania. surviving here is not an easy or simple task, enter into the water park and prepare for the stunning swimming pool, run, race, climb, jump or crawl, swim to dive through various heights, survive as a parkour hero from the legendary spiked shafts and rotating rollers, massive balls of death and pits of sliding tubes, be careful for the twists and turns and wipe-outs, slippery slides, protect yourself from punches, rolling circles go for the water park stunts in this amazing daredevil simulator game where you are the american ninja to clear the dangerous levels to test your stuntman endurance and speed, act and think fast and slither on the ground like a pro ninja warrior or dragon fighter rider compete and crest with your rivals in this extreme elimination run adventure challenges like gladiators on the water ridges, this is a realistic pool runner not like the bike pool stunts. show your daredevil adventures and skills in wipe out stunts bounce through rollercoaster-style corkscrews, loops back-flip, ninja warrior jumps, dive and obstruct hurdles. wear your swimming gears, vest and helmet and gadgets. perform ultimate crazy and real parkour aerobatics, show the audience that you’re the best wipeout rush racing and american ninja stuntman like gladiator runner in this water park, if accidentally you fell into the water, don’t panic and keep tapping and flipping and attain rapid speed to reach for another wipe-out attempt, show your legendary swimming styles like backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly sidestroke to get out of the swimming pool. stuntman run simulator is all about action, adventure and thrills of driving in the world's most difficult wipe-out series.

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