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Mmx Car Stunts - Hill Dash Climb Off-Road Racing Report

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Mmx Car Stunts - Hill Dash Climb Off-Road Racing

Mmx car stunts hey stuntman, welcome to mmx car stunts - tighten your car seat belt and perform amazing car stunts over the various stunt track. the extreme racing car stunts 3d game is all about your hand–eye coordination, timing is the key role in this game while performing extreme and massive stunts on the desert or port areas. extreme racing car stunts 3d comes with five models of stunt cars which are aston car, police car, land cruiser, james knight stunt jeep, soviet, each vehicle has their own speed and handling features. avoid dangerous obstacles to protect your stunt cars. a lively 3d environment gives you a feel of real life driving test. you need to achieve the target given on every level. are you ready to perform extreme car stunts? this is game for those who loves car stunts with breath-taking 3d graphics. take your stunt racing skills to next level. this game is loaded with different racer on and off road racer cars with realistic pixel perfect physics, modern stunt environment with different race tracks multiple obstacles. perform high jumps on ramps. awesome 3d real life cars are waiting for you to drive. there are very big jumps, huge ramps, and multiple obstacles on this crazy car stunt game. extreme racing car stunts 3d will take you to whole new world. features: - enjoy the thrilling and spectacular landscapes - awesome 3d graphics - different stunt 4x4 cars - easy to play, difficult to master - multiple different level based stunts - chasing with train - avoid swinging ship anchors - bypass lift containers

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