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Extreme Skater Surfers Simulator Report

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Extreme Skater Surfers Simulator

Extreme skater surfers simulator brings all the daring excitement of the running, chasing and skateboarding fun to your device for free. street skates is the game to play for all skate lovers out there!! run, jump, glide and slide through the city in this fun running and skating adventure. learn new moves and improve your extreme skateboarding skills in this rushing ride. no timer, it’s just a never ending free daring street skating experience. take in the views of the wonderful extreme world around you while you run, dodge the obstacles and run through the city streets! extreme skater surfers simulator is a fun, free street skateboarding game where you race your skater through the urban city streets. sk8 and ollie over street obstacles, ollie cars, skate under obstacles and collect as many coins as you can, improving your skater skills. collecting coins you can improve your skater skills by purchasing power-ups to make your skateboarding dreams come true. the power-ups allow your skater to launch bombs at obstacles in you way, become invincible and even allow time to slow down giving your skater an advantage. features: • boost your performance to cross the level • real skating moves and tricks • excellent hd graphics • music all the way • fun filled areas to explore the game • optimized skateboarding • skater full control of the board

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