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I Hide You Find - We Come To Find The Classic Crop Report

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I Hide You Find - We Come To Find The Classic Crop

"i hide you find" the most innovative casual puzzle game! most meng the most lovely to eliminate the game! if you like to eliminate the game, you will love it! what is waiting for, fast download down, fast and your little partners together set foot on the "i hide you find" fantasy trip it! 【game features】 - can play anytime, anywhere no need to network, no traffic can play, before going to bed, after dinner, on the road, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun on the fingertips! - simple fingertips micro-operation touch the screen, slightly fingertips, you can feel the strong impact and attractive, the original stand-alone can be so graceful! - rich game content play a rich, challenging, after careful balance between the difficulty and fun of the level, easy to get started, put down hard! - the ultimate gaming experience bright colors, rich and interesting sound effects, as well as the original micro strategy play, bring the player the highest quality casual interactive experience! 【gameplay】 i hide you find is a fun puzzle game: i hide you find, can be a person to play, but also play with the two people. single game: find items in the room, find the target items, click to eliminate, eliminate all items, then customs clearance. double game: one person first choose the right side of the items placed in the room, click "confirm", another person began to find items, find customs clearance. come try it! [player praise] - very fun, where to play where, where you can play the game! - ha ha ha ha, surrounded by friends all started to play, and also used to say well, right! - really fun, and play this game can not stop ah! a little obsessed! the the

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