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Vr Brilliant Bee Adventure Report

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Vr Brilliant Bee Adventure

Something crazy happened in the nectar storage department and all the nectar that the bees had stored for the upcoming winters drowned in the nearby lake. the queen bee leader has sent 3 brilliant bees to the rescue! the brilliant bees are known for their resilience in the face of adversity. but with the changing weathers and ever increasing risks, would they be able to survive this quest? welcome to the bee land in vr brilliant bee adventure. winter is near and you don’t have much time to refill the nectar storage tank.set out on exciting adventures with the bees as they are on a mission to collect enough nectar and pollinate the remaining flowers before everything turns to snow! brilliant bee quest the weather is changing and number of flowers is decreasing day by day. buckle up and fly as fast as you can before the flowers wither to an unappealing brown.find the flowers that are glowing, and fill up the nectar tank before returning to the bee hive. collect nectar & pollen keep buzzing through the fantasy forest and hover over the flowers to collect nectar and pollen. the more flowers you’ll find, the more honey you’d make. collect as much nectar as you can before time runs out! explore amazing environments vr brilliant bee adventure, with a total of 3 levels spread over 3 different worlds, offers vibrant, cartoon-like visuals with all three seasons: summer, autumn and winter. are you ready to take the challenge? all the levels have environments that are equally amazing to explore. stay away from the bad guys on the mission to save the bee community, enemies such as grasshopper, spider, lizard and scorpio might make it difficult for you to achieve your goals.make sure you avoid any type of encounter with your enemies as you can run low on health. virtual reality experience this exceptional honey bee adventure game, offers you a great immersive experience in virtual reality. it is a wonderfully crafted vr game with beautiful environments, amazing 3dhd graphics and a game play worth downloading! vr brilliant bee features: - gyro meter enabled 360 degree rotation - flowers with nectar and pollen that are easy to spot - very easy controls for bee movement - vivid and interesting graphics - excellent vr environments - smooth and intuitive controls - pesky insects - a free adventure game worth giving a shot! how to play: - slide your device into vr glasses and adjust the glasses spacing - move your head for a perfect bee flight within the environment - spot the glowing flowers - hover over the flowers to lock onto them - use your automatic bee reflexes to collect nectar and pollens - watch the nectar bar being filled up - fill the nectar bar to max before time runs out! - look around to fly again - beware of the killer insects, bugs and other enemies - let the fun begin! it’s time to extract some pollen! install vr brilliant bee adventure for endless fun through extremely amazing fantasy environments.

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