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Petigor'S Tale Report

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Petigor'S Tale

Your village has been devastated by an evil troll and his horde of lava golems. you are the village’s bravest warrior – petigor and it is your duty to bring justice to your village and defeat the troll and his minions. although this is a browser game, the graphics are tremendous and the gameplay is in-depth too and challenging. with 3 levels of action packed adventure, this game has great playability. during the first two levels you must slay the lava golems and collect colored crystals. watch out for the falling lava bombs and be careful not to fall in the lava lake. in the final level, you become trapped in the evil trolls layer and must use items you find in the cage and room to escape. throughout the game you can collect health potions and other boosters to improve your combat and survivability. can you help bring justice to your village and outwit the evil troll? developerpetigor's tale is developed by blend4web. controlswasd to move left click to attack

TagsAdventure Fighting 3D Battle Monster Webgl

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