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Color Rush Report

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Color Rush

Be prepared to get thrown into a world of color in the fun platform game, color rush! you control a small colored ball that continually changes color and splashes colors everywhere it moves (we say color a lot in this review!). the unique thing about this game however is that the level unfolds as you splash colors onto it. until you move the ball over a section of the level, it remains invisible - it is not until you move over it, or jump and splash colors onto it, that you can see some of its outline. you must keep moving and use your jump frequently to avoid falling down the gaps. try not to jump too high also as you can splat against the ceiling and have to restart at the previous checkpoint. an added element to color rush is your life - your life gauge starts at 100% and slowly drains if you don't move; therefore you have to keep moving to keep it filled. throughout the levels the obstacles become harder and you must dodge items such as circular saws too. how far will you progress? will you splash colors like a pro? developercolor rush is developed by merchant games. you can also play it on your android device! controlsleft or right arrow to move up arrow to jump, click twice to double jump and splat

TagsJumping Platform Webgl Action

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