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Stickman Bowmasters Report

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Stickman Bowmasters

How good is your aim? start the test with this awesome stickman archery game. take your bow and arrow and aim precisely for the target. for every hit you will earn some points. the white line gives you 1 point, the blue one gives you 3, the red 6, and the yellow spot in the middle provides you with 10 points and a bonus apple, what grants you 25 points if you hit it. there are no lines to help you in this game, so give your best and try to set a super, unbeatable high score. miss once and you are out. have fun! using the bow and arrow you must hit the target. you control a tiny archer that needs your help. don't get frustrated as the little stickman dreams to become an archery master. he has made the controls simple and intuitive. just drag your finger and release. watch the bow and arrow for direction. we hope you will like this archery game. enjoy the game!

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