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Kids Food Shop Burger Cooking Report

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Kids Food Shop Burger Cooking

The foodmaker food business company is here with a real incredible competition of street food. this is a yummiest fare in the street. street food is being cooked by the professional chef, shops are closed and every the food stand is big shop in its own. the whole kitchen is in the street of my small town. no experts and professional recipes are here. in this cooking mania 2017 food street is a place of competition. every café is looking forward to this foodmaker competition. the new street food cooking competition for kids is the only way a kid can get a job in a resturant as a chef and get a food factory for kids. so get the furnance ready, get in my chef competition, learn how to make exotic resturaunt food on street. fry away meet with exitement, toss the buns like a chef make a masterpiece bruger with your own hands. in my chef competition just cooking something is not that easy. you have to sort out some unique for this nre street food cooking stand competition. the idea is to fry and cook something that can be eaten at stall on street as street food and it can be taken in any restruraunt. so get the soft buns, bring out oil to fry, collect the meat, get the patties ready, fry them till they are juicy, put some cheese on and woalla !! it’s done. my chef competition is all yours. kids always love playing streetfood chef games as they make their favorite foods mainly burgers all by themselves, and you'll love that cooking up a chef quality snack doesn't mess up your whole kitchen in this 2017 cooking mania! deep fry the meat to get the best results you don’t wanna take any risks. make it best and cook it yummy. cook and prepare the best stall food of streets in cooking mania of 2107. this new street food stand and my chef competition is going to pop out your amazing and fast cooking skills. make a new record by preparing the fast food on a stand in the foodmaker competition. you are cooking against all resturaunts, they are average against you. you are a master of all chefs. show your fast cooking skills and enjoy this foodstreet stand cooking competition for kids. kids street food burger cooking game is the best cooking game. cook the best most delicious burger ever made on cooking stand as streetfood. kids street food is being prepared by every chef and kids love burgers. prepare all three kinds of burgers zinger, chicken and veggie burger. so get different ingredients according to the recepie. make and deep fry patties for chicken burgers. grill vegetables like a chef for veggie burger and prepare chicken for zimger burger. every burger is going to be the best cooked and it should deliver a great taste to all the kid customers at foodstreet stand. key words 1- amazing cooking mania 2- streetfood experience on being a kid chef 3- easy smooth controls 4- fun to play 5- interesting cooking 6- yummy levels

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