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Ghost Warrior Museum Battle Report

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Ghost Warrior Museum Battle

The legendary ghost fighter game is return with samurai player and thrilling game plot, never seen before in ghost attack games. play as samurai hero to safe the museum from brutal demons, ghosts and zombies. take part in the battlefield to conquer the super war and fight for the glory to defeat the deadly enemies, an addition in ghost rider games. it’s time to play the ghost vs zombie simulator and finish the evil plans of the criminals. zombie ghosts want to destroy the museum and get the power but your mission is to stop them through combat. fighting needs energy so keep your energy level high during the ghost war and defeat them to slash your way with victory. mortal ghost warriors will try to crush you with their strong armor attack. as ninja superhero your aim is to fight with them using your lethal sword in crime city battle. you will have to hit them like a brave man or grand superhero, unseen in clown superhero games and ghost fighting games. foes will surprisingly attack upon you, feel the sense of archery and counter the attack of the opponents at the right moment in this city battle. fight to finish or defeat your enemies like zombie shooter, accomplish your goal and become the legend of the museum games and ghost zombie games. rivals are unaware from your presence, fight like a rising sniper hunter to finish the crime combat without any gear up. as an epic ninja hero solve the puzzle of attacks and find the solution to get progress for your mission. after killing the mummies, zombies or clown robbery gangsters you have to face the big bosses of these enemies. attack as shadow warrior to demolish them with your sharp blade sword. take a swing jump to hit hard to kill them in a short time. quantity of enemies will be increases as per level completion. at the accomplishment of each level you will get coins as reward. features: 1. stunning 3d graphics of combat movement 2. outstanding direction maps with hints 3. 10 thrilling levels with dangerous fight missions 4. marvelous museum environment to explore 5. multiple camera angles 6. wonderful background music like ghost games perform the duty of the museum guard, never seen before in samurai games. let’s prepare yourself for zombie warfare to face the countless rivals and tough bosses in ghost monster games. prove the world that you’re born with samurai and ninja tactics skills. serve your incredible monster super powers to safe the city from foes’ attack. play and called your infantile memories of arcade fighting games. take an impressive journey as monster ghost hero in a wide fantasy museum to kill your fight creed assassination, an electrifying summation of museum escape games and ghost rider monster games. show off your sneak, spy skills to take revenge from your enemies and become a legend of zombie shooting games.

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