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Speedy Bowl - Booster Strike Report

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Speedy Bowl - Booster Strike

***** easy to play action bowling game ***** ***** play tips!! ***** # tip 1: use a booster. when the booster enables, booster can blow up all obstacles and pins as well. # tip 2: keep your energy. energy can recharge if you take an energy bowl or hit the pins. you can only use the booster when you fully charged your energy. # tip 3: use special obstacles. each stage has different obstacles. for example, stage 2 has a jump pad, you can play easily if you use the jump pad. # tip 4: move a bowl little bit earlier to ditch obstacles. because of the weight of bowling bowls, a sharp curve makes gutter ball. # tip 5 : after spare or strike, try hitting pins as many as you can. speedy bowl follows the real bowling score rule, bonus points are awarded for both of these, depending on what is scored in the next two balls (for a strike) or one ball (for a spare) =================================== are you ready to become a fan of speedy bowl? like us by visiting the facebook page of lucky chan games. https://www.facebook.com/luckychangames/

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