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Retro Maze - Can You Escape? Report

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Retro Maze - Can You Escape?

Retro maze is a maze game designed as a throw back to the games of the early 90's. using a visual and game play style akin to the grid based dungeon crawlers of yore, you will be challenged to find the exit of each maze, all the while trying to find items, avoid traps and manage status effects! overcome poisoning, blindness and confusion to emerge out of each level unscathed. do you think you have excellent memory and orientation skills and enjoy using them? retro maze is the game for you! memorize the path you have taken in order to retrace your steps if you encounter a dead end and find your way to the exit. get the compass to help you orientate yourself towards the exit! upgrade it to the scanner to know how far away you are from it! avoid traps when you can or use them to get rid of unwanted status effects! equip and upgrade trap detectors to increase your chances of not triggering them. remove status effects with potions you can pick up or buy or by resting. however resting is not always available so use it wisely! after a rest it will take some walking around the maze before you are able to rest again! buy and sell potions and get new equipment or upgrades on the item shop. want the next shiny piece of equipment? beat the next maze, redo one you already know by hearth or sell your loot to raise some gold! each maze is a unique experience with different environments and sounds that transport you to magical, mysterious and even some creepy worlds, where you really don't know what is around the corner! features: - beautiful graphics - 10 levels including indoor and outdoor environments - 16 achievements to unlock - poisoning: use a health potion or have a rest before you run out of health! - blindness: use an eye drops potion or have a rest to recover your eyesight! - confusion: use a smelling salts potion or have a rest, otherwise you wont be able to trust yourself! - inventory management: keep some slots open on your inventory in order to collect all items in the maze! - equipment and upgrades to help you survive and navigate the mazes!

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