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Tailor Shop - Design Cloth Report

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Tailor Shop - Design Cloth

Design clothes, cut fabric, put accessories on clothes at girls' tailor shop! as one of the most popular clothes-making games, girls boutique & tailor shop now is here and free to download! tailor shop is best boutique game for girls. select cloth color then cut piece of cloth. after that press the cloth and sew using sewing machine. make your outfits as you want. this our 2nd boutique shop know as tailor shop for girls. choose color, cut fabrics, design clothes, put beautiful accessories and buttons on suit. welcome the client , understand his/her requirements and then design special clothes for him/her. cut the fabric and sew the clothes pieces using sewing machine. decorate it by applying colorful add-ons. play the game and experience the fun of managing your own tailor shop. gameplay: - pick from unstitched shirts and trousers - cutting scene: cut your shirts or trousers with the scissors and try out different styles in your tailor boutique - iron scene: iron the cloth to remove unwanted wrinkles - cross stitch and sew your designer clothes with the latest sewing machine at the kids little tailor shop. - design your outfit. select from various decorations for your shirts or trousers. outfits includes: laces, buttons, stickers and different patterns for your makeover in this girls dress up game. features: * clean your tailor shop * design pants and shirts for customers * experience the fun of designing and sewing clothes * variety of colorful cloths and styles to choose from * design amazing outfits want to be a great tailor and make beautiful clothes, download tailor shop - boutique game for girls!

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