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Bomb Boom Bang

Aim at, and shoot it then bomb blows up! bomb boom bang let you team up and communicate with your friends via instant voice, to fight against the world bosses through mysterious fortresses. personalize yourself with various outfits as well as sharp mounts to be the brightest legend shooter. meeting with your life love and training lovely pets on this adventure just color your life! epic adventure - awesome pve on 300+ plot maps to challenge yourself - turn-based mmo shooter gameplay with rpg elements - mmo pvp battles with millions of online players around the world personality styles - hundreds of cute pets as your loyal accompany to grow up - sharp mounts to enhance your ability to win battles - 300+ outfits as well as weapons for your personalized dress guilds against monsters - challenge other bombers in local and cross-server arena wars - romantic marriage with your life love in this exhilarating adventure - solid guilds with friends to strengthen your heroes

TagsRole Playing Entertainment Games Strategy

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