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Dotz.Io Dots Battle Arena Report

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Dotz.Io Dots Battle Arena

Check out the latest io game by clown games: dotz.io your goal is to become the biggest dot among others! but there is a catch: each time you level up, your mass shrinks and you have to scale up even more! control your dot to get bigger and level up! each level will bring you a bigger storage capacity. collect the idle dots to get bigger and fill your capacity. poke and kill other dots to become the biggest! the bigger always eats the little. but watch out: no matter how big you are, you will start with a tiny dot when you level up! the more poked and killed units you have, the stronger you become. in dotz io game, regardless of the size of your dot, you can beat the top scorer dots. chase them to poke when they become tiny again. enjoy the easy to play but hard to master gameplay. choose your strategy: are you a dragger or a rusher? io game of survival in an endless action arena is what dotz.io is! if you’re a rusher, speeding up is only one button away. but your boost will only be full again when you level up. use it wisely to get on top of the leaderboard. features: • works on many devices without performance issues. • internet connection is not needed. • easy & smooth control on mobile devices. we value your feedback clown games, the creator of popular io games: landix,twix, blobie, jellies, zlax, pikes, shooters and fisp offers a new and fun experience for you. we will listen you to develop dotzio according to your feedback! your reviews are important for us! https://www.facebook.com/dotzio https://www.twitter.com/dotzio

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