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捉妖西游-全民放置策略手游 Report

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"catch the demon west tour" is based on "journey to the west" as an innovative real-time mmorpg masterpiece. fusion of traditional real-time fighting game classic gameplay, but also set the artifact to develop, career mix, gang fighting, competitive athletics and other special games to play, all will allow you to meet. based on the classic gameplay, "catch the demon west tour" made a lot of innovative design! mine hegemony, career cultivation and many other innovative play let you fun boring! equipment to create surprising victory hero equipment with random. after a high level, a wide range of equipment, mainly by their own build the best equipment. equipment includes a variety of basic properties, you can own the strongest equipment portfolio! every 10 levels can be replaced more advanced equipment, equipment and systems pursued clear points. [pk] exciting net cool rivers and lakes mine duel, blood and air warfare, a variety of team pk gameplay, and friends swimming with rivers and lakes, fingertips, a taste of the rivers and lauve chivalrous pride. genghuang momentum magnificent gang war, the heroes come forth! brothers together, system hegemony three circles! law of the jungle, endless die! siege slightly, to the peak! artifact training elaborate a variety of artifacts, dozens of skills, with the artifact talent, bringing a new artifact to play.

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